Engineering Support

DMF Analysis

The Design for Manufacturing Analysis is a free service offered with an Injection Molding quote. Our designer will review the feasibility of your part for injection molding.  He will review your part for proper draft, gate location, feature sizes, under cuts, wall thickness, and sink.  We will send you the report for review.  This will allow you to show the report to your team during design reviews, etc.

Mold Flow

Mold flow Analysis should be conducted before tooling production launches. Software can be used to evaluate the mold design to make sure it will produce the most consistent and highest quality parts from each cavity of the tool. It offers several benefits. Such as optimize gate location, resolve wall thickness issues,discover potential visual defects (including air traps, sink marks and weld lines)

Material Selection

When it comes to injection mold making, choosing the right tool steel can make a huge difference. Making an incorrect choice can cause disasters.If you have any uncertainty at all about which choices to make when it comes to tooling steel for your next injection molding project - be sure to contact us

3D Mold Design

Customers can request full 3D plastic injection mold designs for approval prior to beginning to cut steel. Our tooling design review encompasses things such as: Ensuring design meets customer standard, Mold sized for proper press, Cavity & Core layout, Slider/lifter design, Parting line, Runner & Gates location, Hot runner system, Venting, Water lines. Etc…

Engineering Consultation

Often, we were asked to take a “deeper look" at customer's products. Here, Sau Hoi could identify opportunities improved product performance. Once we achieved more understanding of client's needs and objectives, we can continue to provide meaningful consultation going forward. In fact, many of our clients use us as an extension of their internal engineering resources, calling on us as required to help find solutions or even participate in the design of a new product altogether.